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Hello and Welcome♥

   Thank you for visiting my page and taking the time to allow me to introduce myself.
   My name is Sara Straw and I and live in beautiful  Helena, Montana. I feel very grateful to live in this cozy valley of the majestic Rocky Mountains; and I really appreciate having nature be such an integral part of my everyday life. I am quite passionate about my animals, and I am a Master Gardener. I grow everything; all types of plants, from indoor houseplants, to fruits, veggies, and of course flowers! 
I am a Floral Designer in my 9-5 job; and I adore doing that work. However; I am so proud to say that I have found my life's purpose, and that is to help people through Quantum Healing♥ I spend much of my time reading and learning, I love to meditate, I am constantly striving to evolve my consciousness and grow.
   In 1996 I was "awakened" by a divine spontaneous spiritual activation; as I somehow astral projected out of my physical body, and up into a much higher dimensional space! I extended up into the Universe through my own rainbow-pyramid light body and connected to the Divine Source of Light/Love/Energy. As I received a great, massive download of more information than I was able to process at the time. I understood that absolutely everything that ever has existed or ever will exist is composed of the exact same energy; and ultimately all is Divine and we are all One.
   I understood that each and every soul has it's special place in the Universe and that everything happens for a reason. I also understood that life would never be the same again because I finally realized that we are all Infinite Spiritual Beings having temporary human experiences:)
   I feel it is most important to be assisting humanity one individual at a time, to understand their truth; and in doing so, help raise the vibration of the Human Collective Consciousness. I also am extremely passionate about assisting individuals seeking answers to missing time and/or memories. There is without a doubt, much more happening in our reality than our human conscious minds are aware of. I am dedicated to helping people unlock their hidden truths.
   Like many people I have not always known what my purpose in life was. After learning Quantum Healing and Theta Healing® my life has been affected in such  an amazingly positive way.  I am so blessed to know what my purpose in life is!  I feel that I am so lucky to be here on Earth at this time; assisting humanity and Mother Gaia; in service to others, in any ways I can♥

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