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Helena, MT.

Amber Atkinson

I had my very 1st session today and it was absolutely amazing! Sara is so gifted and such a wonderful soul to work with. I received a sh*t ton of guidance from my higher self and left feeling lighter than I ever have before. Will be booking another session! Highly recommend this lovely lady for your spiritual needs!

Watford City, ND

Jade F

Sara made my experience seamless and comfortable. She is incredibly easy to talk to, professional, and an excellent guide through the hypnosis process. I found past life information, a star family contact, and retrieved comprehensive answers to all of my questions. I am incredibly grateful for her time and care with my inquiries. Thank you Sara for helping me to reach my Higher Self, providing a space for healing, and opening my mind to things both known and unknown.



I want to sincerely thank you for guiding me so eloquently into my past lives and obtaining the information that helps me be my highest self today! You were so gentle and kind and I felt safe the whole time.
Now I understand where some of my life issues stem from and I feel set free from them now.
The healing portion of my session was exactly what my body needed and I feel like aa new person, better yet, the the "real me" now!!!
Thank you again!!!

Nashville, TN

Jourdan Rystrom

Wow... what a poignant and profound session! During our time together I got to re-visit important memories from my childhood, reconnect with my father, and go up into the ethers to visit with my Higher Self. There was much healing that happened and wisdom that came through - my body even changed in posture and the way I speak to deliver the messages through me! "Drink in the presence of each day." Thank you, Sara, for your kindness and authenticity in cultivating your gifts. I can't wait to see where your business goes next!



Sarah is such a gentle soul. We talked about an hour before the hypnosis and she was so willing to listen. She guided me with her questions to open up and she made me feel comfortable in sharing the issues I have. Her voice was calming when she led me into hypnosis and the healing I got from my higher self was amazing. I slept so well that night and the pain I had in my body was so much less. I am grateful that I had the chance to meet Sarah in such a difficult time in my life. I thank her for her kindness.



Sara gently drew me along a path of exploration that provided insight into aspects of who I am, and, my purpose this life. I met many fascinating facets of me in other dimensions, times and star nations. I highly recommend taking this journey with Sara as your guide.

New Hampshire


Sara was very easy to work with. I got the right answers to every question that I asked, and the recording helped me to continue healing afterwards.



My session with Sara was so incredibly powerful. Weeks later I am still processing the experience. We spent some time getting to know each other, then she clearly explained how the session would go. She so kind, patient and calming that all nervousness I may have had went out the window. I highly recommend booking a session with Sara!


Gerolyne Bronte

I immediately connected with Sarah like meeting up with a childhood friend. She patiently listened and guided me to a parallel life. An aspect of myself where there is peace and serenity living a life of pure expansion and gratitude. My session with her was simply dreamy and peaceful like a sweet indulgence. I will definitely have another session with Sarah. I highly recommend her. You rock, Sarah!

Portland, OR

Jenny Dionne

This was the first time to be hypnotized. I was not sure that I could be. Sara was amazing and patient. She had a soothing voice that got me to relax and fall into a light hynosis state. I received some answers I have been looking for and feel like I know my purpose in life and what I need to do to get on the right track. Sara is absolutely amazing and I would love to have another sessions with her. I highly recommend Sara. Thank you for this experience ❤️

Helena, MT


What an experience this has been and it is safe to say it will be the 1st but not the last of mini breakthroughs Sara and I will have. This session Sara was able to get rid of an attachment that had been with me for many lifetimes. Now when I look into the mirror I feel as though I see part of me that I have never known. To see my reflection now is like seeing a warrior with great hope that I can heal from the unseen. Thank you Sara what a beautiful soul you have. Friends till the death of me and every lifetime to come.

New York

Bernice Cruz

Sara is down to earth and I immediately connected with her. What's important, is that she is living her passion and it shows. Sara, thank you for sharing your incredible gift with me. I am happy to have such a great person to call upon if I needed another session.

Portland, OR


Sara has such a calming voice. She doesn’t rush her sessions and is very capable of helping people see life though a positive healthy outlook! Do yourself a favor. If you need this type of work. She is your person.

New Zealand

Ben Wigley

I had a wonderful experience with Sara. She was able to clear an entity that was hanging out in my neck and causing all kinds of difficulties. Days later and it's still feeling much better and the tightness and stress that usually gets built up there is now dissipated and it feels clear and released. I highly recommend Sara to anyone looking to uncover any current or past life trauma that needs to be released and dealt with.

Mombasa, Kenya

Devialini Agheda-De Souza

I had an instant connection with Sara. She is friendly and sincere and made me feel completely comfortable. My experience with the session I had with her was playful and fun. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a quantum healing session


Alexandra Lopez

I have had many sessions before and many blissfully happy expanded experiences of higher dimensions. Yet, I felt that I had never addressed some blocks in my heart regarding trusting love and I wanted Sara's help in doing that. With her, I had very profound emotional releases and saw where those fears originated. It was not pleasant, it was not easy for either of us, but it was cathartic and very helpful. She helped me feel safe to undergo that experience.

Davis, CA

Anh Pham

Sara is a wonderful practitioner and colleague. She is skillful and patient, careful and kind. She has helped me so much in my spiritual path. I'm grateful to know her!!!

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