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 Example Session Questions

  You will want to bring a list of questions to ask to the Higher Self during your session. These questions can generally be divided into two categories; one regarding health and the other for personal questions. The questions that can be asked during your session are only limited by the imagination of the individual asking them! ​

  1. Why do I suffer from anxiety, or have fears/phobias that prevent me from enjoying life? Can the cause of it be understood and cleared?

  2. What lifestyle or dietary changes would benefit me?

  3. I have suffered from a certain health problem.  Why? Can it be healed?

  4. Am I with or with my soul mate? Will I find the right person for me?

  5. What is my purpose in this life?

  6. Am I on my right spiritual path? 

  7. Who are my spirit guides or guardian angels? How do they communicate with me?

  8. Can I enhance my intuitive/psychic/spiritual gifts? How?

  9. How can I become a better version of myself?

  10. What is my biggest obstacle moving forward?

  11. How can I be financially supported by my spiritual gifts?

  12. What else do I need to know about today to help me move forward in life?

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